Charleston County School of Arts

The following information about the SOA Visual Arts Program is from the official SOA website. Please visit the Charleston County School of the Arts website for the most up-to-date information on art applications.

About School of the Arts (SOA)

(SOA) offers students rich and intensive instruction in eight art majors in a unique sixth through twelfth grade setting. Students may apply and audition for two areas, and once accepted into a major, spend one-fourth of their day with dynamic teachers in that art area. Art majors include instrumental band, creative writing, dance, piano, string orchestra, theater, visual art and vocal mu-sic. SOA‘s students excel at the local, state and national level, earning awards, scholarships, and the respect of audience members, peers, and patrons of the arts.

Visual Arts Audition Requirements (20 seats available)

  • On-site drawing test
  • Prepared portfolio consist of seven works created within the past year with at least one created outside of school. (Portfolios must be picked up the week after the audition.)

Works must represent a minimum of two art mediums.
– Mediums include pencil, pen & ink, acrylic, oil, water color, pastel, charcoal, or photography. Only one photo may be included.
– Artwork should include a portrait, a still life and a landscape.
– 3-D artwork, such as sculpture or ceramics, may be submitted or represented in a photo.
– Artwork should be mounted on a 3′ X 4 ‘ tri-fold display board, available at office supply stores.
– Cartoons may not be included.

  • Question and Answer Session
Thomas Cario Middle School Art Requirements

The following information about Cario Advanced Visual Arts is from the official Cario website. Please visit the Thomas C. Cario Middle School website for the most up-to-date information on art applications. Cario Advanced Visual Arts is looking for 8-10 rising 6th grade students to join Cario’s national, regional and state wide award winning art group.


Work should be firmly mounted on a foam core tri-fold display board. Examples are posted in the slide show below. Felt boards and poster boards are not accepted. Work will be sent back or declined if not secured firmly to the board neatly!

Please include:

  • Graphite Drawing/Still Life (qty 1)
  • Pen and Ink Drawing/Stippling (any color pen/ink) (qty 1)
  • Color Pieces/Landscape and Animal (qty 2)
  • 2D Design (logo or food wrapper drawing) (qt1)
  • Watercolor or student choice
  • Personal Statement and application glued firmly to the board

Late entries not accepted.