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“But I can’t draw!”

Really? That’s news to us, because if you can read and speak, you can learn to draw. Period. Best of all, you are never too young or too old to begin making art. So chuck those ideas of what you can or can’t do and discover a new love for your life- making art.

Turn your looking into seeing. Find out how much you’ve missed, how much has been right under your nose the whole time. Re-awaken the wonder you may only vaguely remember having as a child, let it re-energize your life, your relationships and your sense of meaning and purpose.

While studying technique stimulates individual character with discipline and hard work, the increase of knowledge and skill and the ability to see allows you as an artist to attempt increasingly difficult projects. Personal growth as a self-initiated process charges life with the excitement of accomplishment and feelings of and self-worth.

Hey, we all start at the beginning. And since you can’t do it “wrong”, what have you got to lose? Laugh off the ego-bruise when something doesn’t work with other artists who have “been there and done that.” Nothing to lose and everything to gain. Is there a better deal?

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“The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science.” – Albert Einstein

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Dianne Vincent, MAT, ATR-BC and Eric Vincent are working artists with over 35 years each of professional experience. Dianne was a former MUSC OR nurse before completing her BA in studio art and earning her MAT in art education. She is a Board Certified Registered Art Therapist and taught in the public school system for nine years before expanding her art school. Her work has been shown in several local galleries and she speaks frequently on the therapeutic power of art therapy while maintaining a private art therapy practice.

Trained as a Zoologist, Eric Vincent has worked in advertising as an art director, illustrator, writer and radio and TV producer since he finished his degree in Graphic Design. The New York Society of Illustrators has shown his work and his children’s book, cut paper and sculptural illustrations have won national and international recognition.

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