It’s never too young to start art-in fact, it’s an important part of a child’s growth and understanding of the world around them. Underlying a child’s obvious delight in creativity is a drive for the physical development of kinesthetic skills and the ability to perceive spatial relationships. As we develop, this creative impulse will nourish all areas of our life with insights that inspire mental and spiritual growth.

Art Education for Toddlers

Whether playing with the texture of a soft kitten or visually interacting with wind chimes on the porch, children have many opportunities for an aesthetic experience. At this age, young children do express preferences for sounds, tastes, shapes, colors, and textures.

Aesthetic experiences stimulate communication, self-expression, problem solving, and eye-hand coordination, while promoting language development, and increased self-esteem. Viewing art and discussing art increases visual perception skills and teaches the toddler that visual images communicate ideas.

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Art Education for 4-6 Year Olds

Children at this age are full of imagination and are completely free to express themselves! Eye-hand coordination, problem solving, increased self-esteem, expressing feelings and developing ideas are the continued benefits of creating art through this age.

Children at this developmental level begin making representational symbols, so art becomes real and exciting for them.

Art Education for 7-12 Year Olds

During the preadolescent phase, children love to express their feelings and ideas. Ideas are explored and at times personal and relationship conflicts are resolved.

Increased self-esteem and confidence, eye-hand coordination, and communication through art are continuing benefits.

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Art Education for Teens

Adolescents are full of excitement! Though turbulent at times, teens love to explore their feelings.

Art provides a safe environment to express their emotions. Experiencing the process while making any kid of art can be calming and healing. At this age, abstract art can be explored, while realistic drawing and painting skills can be pursued.

Art Education for Adults

As the understanding of life deepens with maturity, art provides the means and metaphors to reveal and explore life issues. Whether experiencing the process of exploring abstract art or learning specific techniques, adults can use art to hear and understand their inner dialogue and communicate with others in ways that cultivate both spirit and intellect.

Studying techniques stimulates individual character with discipline and hard work. In turn, the increase of knowledge and skill allows the artist to attempt more difficult projects. Personal growth becomes a self-iniated process charged with the excitement of feelings of accomplishment and self worth.

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“Creativity takes courage.” – Henri Matisse

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