art connects us parent testimonials

At the Art Connects Art School, Ivy has flourished as an Author, an Illustrator, a Sculptress and, above all, as a Visionary Artist – Dianne and Eric create an intuitive environment where Ivy’s creativity can be boundless. Thanks! – Pam


Juliet felt confident with her School of the Arts drawing test and interview. I had a peek at some of the applicants portfolio’s and it made me realize how instrumental Dianne and Eric have been in raising the level of Juliet’s technique and how fortunate she is to have two experts guiding her. I believe the strong foundation you taught her gave her a tremendous amount of confidence as well. Thanks so much for your hard work! Only time will tell if the judges like her work and potential as much as we do. Thanks! – John


My two sons have been taking art lessons with Dianne and Eric for seven years now and we have been through two successful School of the Arts auditions with their support. Diane and Eric have an amazing ability to bring out the best in every child, in terms of art production, creativity and a positive attitude toward the process. My children have come to see them not only as art teachers but as role models and personal mentors. Art lessons with Dianne and Eric typically translate into valuable life lessons!

Despite having been at the School of the arts for five years, my oldest son frequently seeks out Dianne and Eric’s opinions on his artwork. Dianne and Eric have been one of the very best investments I’ve made in my children’s happiness. The boys always leave lessons feeling accomplished, self-confident, and happy. Dianne and Eric are serious about facilitating successful artists, but they always make it fun. – Samantha


I don’t believe in testimonials. They don’t typically paint the entire picture and tend to slant toward clichéd phrases and overly abundant praise, deserved or not, which in totality render them all meaningless. I say this in the hopes that you will treat my thoughts to follow as genuine and sincere. I can personally attest for the character and expertise of art teachers at Art Connects Us. My son, Will Culler, has studied under Eric Vincent since he was five, which makes it six years and counting. What he likes best is the 1 on 1 attention, where Eric can learn his strengths and weaknesses, and work toward focusing on the strengths and improving the weaker areas. And while his technical skills have improved beyond what we could have hoped for, equally important is that Eric shares our ideals – positive attitude, hard work wins, pay attention to details – and treats my son like the most important person in the room. Eric is not only teaching Will art, but life skills as well-how to plan a project, how to persevere when things don’t go as planned, how to present your work to the public, and how to communicate through art . You are in good hands with the folks at Art Connects Us. Jamie


Ms. Dianne and Mr. Eric, My daughter, Autumn, has learned so much from taking art classes with Ms. Dianne and Mr. Eric. She has learned how to use the proper technique and art mediums on paper. Having this experience with Art Connects Us, has really helped her to develop into becoming a better artist. Her experience in art class has been GREAT!! My son, Ashton, has also taken classes with Art Connects Us two years ago. He was prepared for his audition for School of the Arts. Currently, he still attends School of the Arts because of getting a great foundation with Art Connects Us. I am very grateful for the opportunity that Ms. Dianne and Mr. Eric has given to my children. Thanks so much!Tanosha


“Art therapy with Dianne has transformed my child into a healthy and mentally stable little boy. Due to several tragic events, my son was experiencing severe anxiety. After a few sessions, my son was healed and restored to normal. Dianne has a God given talent to help children no matter what the situation is. I love her with all my heart and can never repay for what she has done for my little boy.” – M.T. (Parent of 5 year old)