We keep our classes small at Art Connects, five students or less, so that we can work individually with your child at his own speed and developmental level. Students not following a portfolio program are free to follow their interests in sculpture, comics, illustration and animation or more traditional work painting or drawing.

Dianne Vincent, MAT, ATR-BC is a certified art instructor with nine years experience in the public school system and has over 35 years of teaching in other settings. She has been represented by several galleries and shows her paintings regularly. With a Master’s degree in Art Education, Dianne also has a private practice as a Board Certified Registered Art Therapist and is uniquely qualified to help plan your child’s art education program.

Eric Vincent has worked professionally both as an art director, illustrator and media director at numerous agencies for over forty years and as a successful comic book professional. His deadline, results-oriented experience means projects are done exceptionally well and on time. He is uniquely suited to teaching studio practice and developing the artistic mind-set.

We provide every child the opportunity to recognize their personal strengths while focusing on areas of weakness. Dianne and Eric will address these issues while they guide the student through each project.

Art School Portfolios Designed for Success

We work with all ages and all levels of ability. And while we help you create the best presentation possible for your child’s work, we also provide additional guidance and training for any testing and interviewing that may accompany an audition. We help you plan and execute the pieces any particular local program, such as Charleston County School of the Arts, Cario, Rollings or other magnet schools may require or whatever admissions package any university or institutional program may require.

Unfortunately, books are judged by their cover, and it is imperative that your child have his finest work organized and presented to its best advantage.

Start Now!

All this considered, it should be no surprise that we encourage you to start as early as possible planning a portfolio and the schedule needed to execute work that will showcase your child’s talents and abilities. We recommend children begin no less than a year before their audition date, and of course earlier if possible. Bring us a willingness to learn, determination and passion and we’ll provide the rest. Call 843.881.1799 for an appointment today and let’s discuss your child’s future!

Our success rate for the 2013-2014 School year

School of the Arts: 5 applied, 4 accepted
Cario Advanced Art: 3 applied, 3 accepted
Rawlings School of the Arts: 1 applied, 1 accepted

Understand that we cannot guarantee that your child will get into any program. There are many factors beyond our control, and last time we checked, life isn’t fair and great ability or accomplishment can often go unrecognized. The level of competition has only intensified and good candidates can and will be left out. The good news is that once your child’s portfolio is in hand, it can be tailored to whatever need may arise. This solid investment can and will pay off in surprising ways over the coming years. You will never regret the time and effort invested in her future!

Explaining the Terminology.

Here are some links explaining the art elements and principles terminology we used. It may be unfamiliar, but once understood, will enrich and deepen the your appreciation for any of the arts. First are quick overviews provided by Wikipedia and last, the National Gallery of Art’s An Eye for Art web page.


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